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Sintered Metal Bars

Sintered Metal Bars

Sintering is the process of mixing and pelleting all kinds of powdery iron-containing raw materials, adding appropriate amount of fuel and flux, adding appropriate amount of water, making a series of physical and chemical changes in the material on the sintering equipment, and bonding the mineral powder particles into blocks. We provide tungsten metal bar and sintered molybdenum bar wholesale at good prices. Welcome to contact us!


Different Kinds of Sintered Metal Bars From HSG

How is Sintered Metal Bars Produced and Manufactured?

How is Sintered Metal Bars Produced and Manufactured?

Sintering production process: iron ore sintering operation department will powder, all kinds of flux and fine coke through mix after mixing, granulation, through the system to join the sintering machine, cloth by light fine coke ignition furnace, through a complete sintering suction windmill convulsions, hot sinter of after cooling, sieving, sent to the blast furnace as the main raw material of smelting iron.

How is Sintered Metal Bars Produced and Manufactured?

Benefits of Using Sintered Metal Bars


The metallurgical properties of raw materials can also be improved by sintering.


Pure tungsten bar and molybdenum bar sintering is also used in non-ferrous metal smelting processes.


The sintering of non-ferrous sulfide concentrate has the function of desulphurization in addition to block building.

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