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A Worldwide Suppiler of Ferro Alloys and Refractory Metals
Ferro Alloys, Minor Metals, Sintered Steelmaking Metal Bars, Metal Scrap, Metal Ingot, Tungsten products, Molybdenum products, Tantalum products, Niobium products, Ruthenium & Hafnium etc.
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A Worldwide Supplier Of Ferro Alloys Metals
Ferro Alloys, Minor Metals, Sintered Steel making Metal Bars, Metal Scrap, Metal lngot Tungsten products, Molybdenum products, Tantalum products, Niobium products, Ru-thenium & Hafnium etc.
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Used as alloy additives commonly used varieties are: ferro tungsten, ferro molybdenum, ferro vanadium, ferro niobium, ferro boron and so on. Various ferro alloys according to the needs of steelmaking, according to the alloying element content or carbon content of many grades, and strictly limit the content of impurities. Ferroalloys containing two or more alloying elements are called composite ferroalloys, which can be used to add deoxidizing or alloying elements at the same time, which is beneficial to the steelmaking process, and can make economical and reasonable comprehensive utilization of commingled ore resources.
Processing And Customization of Pure Metals
HSG is a leading refractory metal company in the processing and customization of pure metals

Pure metal additives for steelmaking include cobalt metal, metal chromium, sintered tungsten bar,sintered molybdenum bars etc. Some easily reducible oxides such as MoO and NiO are also used to replace iron alloys. In addition, there are also iron nitride alloys, such as nitrided ferrochromium, ferromanganese, etc., as well as exothermic iron alloys mixed with exothermic agents.

Other Refractory Metal Products You May Interested In
Large and comprehensive inventory with highest quality in forms of Powder, Bar, Rod, Sheet, Ingot, Wire and Block etc. are kepted, to ensure our customer with fast shipment and stability quality control.
Although refractory metals have defects such as toughness and poor oxidation resistance, their application in the aerospace industry is limited, but they are still widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, light sources, machinery industry and other sectors.
HSG Can Supply Refractory Metal Products According To These Standards
Refractory metal tips: Generally refers to the melting point higher than 1650℃ and a certain amount of reserves of metals (tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, niobium, hafnium, chromium, vanadium, zirconium and titanium), there are also higher than zirconium melting point (1852℃) called refractory metal.
HSG, A Leading Supplier of Refractory Metals

Huasheng Metal (HSG), established in 2003, which is based on Beijing, the capital of China, mainly engaged in the import-export and the domestic market about the metallurgical raw material and metallurgical products which include Ferro Alloys, Minor Metals, Sintered Steelmaking Metal Bars, Metal Scrap, Metal Ingot, and Tungsten products, Molybdenum products, Tantalum products, Niobium products, Ruthenium & Hafnium etc.

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Properties and Uses of Ferro Vanadium
Ferro vanadium is an iron alloy that is obtained by reducing pentoxide vanadium with carbon in an electric furnace or by reducing pentoxide vanadium with silicon using the electric furnace silicotherm...
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Introduction to the Production Method of Ferro Tungsten
Ferro tungsten series (with tungsten content of 70%-80%) is an alloy composed of tungsten and iron used as an alloy additive in steelmaking. The commonly used ferro tungsten includes two types contain...
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