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Molybdenum Wire

HSG molybdenum wire supplier offers molybdenum wireMolybdenum wire: is a kind of consumable when electric discharge wire cutting processing, wire cutting machine processing workpiece continuous movement of fine wire called electrode wire (also called electrode), it can pulse spark discharge on the workpiece, cutting metal forming. Contact us and get molybdenum wire price today!

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Specification of Molybdenum Wire

Specifications for molybdenum wire:

Molybdenum Wire Types

Diameter (inch)

Tolerance (%)

Molybdenum Wire for EDM

0.0024" ~ 0.01"

±3% wt

Molybdenum Spray Wire

1/16" ~ 1/8"

±1% to 3% wt

Molybdenum Wire

0.002" ~ 0.08"

±3% wt

Molybdenum Wire(clean)

0.006" ~ 0.04"

±3% wt



The impurity content is not more than 0.01%

















Application of Molybdenum Wire

  1. Pure molybdenum wire GMPM. 1 1 Used for winding wire core, support, lead wire, heating element, molybdenum foil belt, wire cutting, auto parts spraying, etc.

  2. Lanthanum molybdenum wire GMHI-M. 1 2 is used for glass sealing parts of winding wire core wire, molybdenum foil belt, furnace heating material, wire cutting high temperature components, etc.

  3. Yttrium molybdenum wire GMHYM. 1 3 used for support, lead wire, electron tube reed, gate, furnace body heating material, high temperature components.

  4. Wire cutting special molybdenum wire GMPM. 1, GMHI.M. 1 2 for all kinds of non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetic materials cutting processing. It has the characteristics of high strength, good discharge performance, high surface finish, fast cutting speed, long life and so on.

Application of Molybdenum Wire
Production Process of Molybdenum Wire

Production Process of Molybdenum Wire

High purity molybdenum wire and its production method, relates to the molybdenum products production process of metal materials, especially the production method of high purity molybdenum wire. The invention adopts TMA-52 chelating agent dissolved in deionized water, the TMA-52 chelating agent solution formed as MoO2 raw material detergent, and then the MoO2 after washing is dried, and then the molybdenum powder is successively reduced, the molybdenum billet is pressed, the molybdenum billet is sintered, the molybdenum bar is forged, and finally the molybdenum wire with content ≥99.984% is generated by drawing.

Features of Molybdenum Wire

Features of Molybdenum Wire

  • 01.

    Ultra-high tensile strength;

  • 02.

    High surface finish, good stability, high cutting accuracy;

  • 03.

    Small elongation, small tight wire;

  • 04.

    Large curvature, consistent wire diameter, not easy to break wire, long life;

  • 05.

    Can increase the high frequency power, improve the roughing efficiency; Accurate measurement, vacuum packaging, prevent oxidation mildew, can be stored for a long time.

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