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Refractory Metal in Defence

Refractory Metal in Defence

The market of superalloys is currently mainly located in aerospace and other military industries, while the scientific research and production of weapons and equipment and the matching process of materials have a long time period, and materials and design plans will not be replaced after finalization. Strict access qualifications help to increase the industry. barrier.

Superalloy domestic market status

The number of domestic enterprises engaged in the production of superalloy materials and superalloy precision castings is limited. Due to the large number of components in the aviation field, the technical routes and main product brands of each company are very different. The direct competition in this field is small and the pattern is relatively stable.

New superalloy material for military equipment and weapons and equipment

Flame retardant, heat insulation, high temperature resistant new material has been widely used in national defense equipment and high-end equipment manufacturing industry, from structure to structure, from the individual protection to military equipment and weapons and equipment, from space to the ground and ship, etc, in accordance with the requirements of the future development of advanced equipment, the use of new materials must be able to reflect product structure light-duty, multi-functional compound, performance stabilization.

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