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Refractory Metals

Refractory Metals

As one of the reliable refractory metal suppliers, Huasheng Metal are keeping a large and comprehensive inventory of the highest quality in form of types of refractory metals such as Powder, Bar, Rod, Sheet, Ingot, Wire and Block, etc., to ensure our customers with fast shipment and stable quality control of refractory metal products.

Over the many years of work, our refractory metal company was deeply trusted by our customers in the spread of Aerospace, Ship, Automotive & Military Industries, etc. We have various types of refractory metals for sale. Our different types of refractory metals can definitely meet customers' requirements. If you are looking for a reliable molybdenum refractory metal supplier, don't hesitate to contact us!


Types of Refractory Metals For Sale

How to Order High Quality Refractory Metals From HSG

How to Order High Quality Refractory Metals From HSG

Send Inquiry

Customers send demands with refractory metals list to refractory metal suppliers, such as product name, quantity, specification, shipping time demands, and whether need third party test.

Quotation Offer

Official quotation will be sent within 2 working days after receiving the complete inquiry elements required.

Sign Contract

The buyer and the seller sign a purchase contract, which specifies the required quantity, specification and delivery time.

Arrange Production

The factory starts production after receiving the advance payment from the customer, according to the customer's specific demands.


All products are strictly inspected before leaving the factory, including the content, impurities, size and quantity of products.


Light goods are usually packed in cardboard boxes, refractory metal products are packed in wooden cases, bulk ferro alloys are usually packed in steel drums or ton bags, and minor metals are packed in steel drums.


According to the delivery time required by the customer, book the ship in advance and deliver the goods to the port within the stipulated time.


We Provide Refractory Metals For Various Industries

Benefits of Using Refractory Metal Products

Benefits of Using Refractory Metal Products
  • Corrosion resistance

Refractory metals' most advantages are their strength at high temperatures and with well performance corrosion resistance to molten alkali metals and steam.

  • Low temperature brittleness

Brittleness occurring during plastic deformation of high melting point metals.High melting point metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium and hafnium are high temperature materials for atomic energy, aerospace, electric light source, electric vacuum, military and other industrial applications

  • Oxidation resistance

The high temperature oxidation resistance of metal refers to the resistance of steel to oxidation at high temperature, and it is an important guarantee condition for whether steel can work at high temperature for a long time.

List of Refractory Metals


Tungsten has the richest content, the highest melting point and the highest metal density among types of refractory metals. 


Molybdenum is the most commonly used refractory metal, because it is cheaper than most other metals, and after being made into alloy, molybdenum products can resist creep and high temperature very well.


HSG tantalum products have the greatest corrosion-resistant performance among refractory metals.


Niobium, often used with tantalum, is very special and can be easily processed to achieve high elasticity and strength.


Rhenium is the latest discovered refractory metal. It can be found in other refractory metal ores at super-low concentrations.

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