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Refractory Metal in Medical Devices

Refractory Metal in Medical Devices

Tantalum is a refractory metal characterized by high strength, toughness, and an extremely high melting point (3017°C), but it is its high biocompatibility that is most appealing to the medical industry as tantalum medical devices.

Tantalum is used in the medical industry

The metal is immune to body fluids and has strong corrosion resistance, so tantalum products can be used in surgery without adverse effects. For the same reason, it is also used in implants and bone replacement materials for prostheses.

Similarity between platinum and palladium

Although platinum and palladium are expensive precious metals, they have similar properties that make them particularly suitable for certain surgical procedures.

First, they are highly malleable and malleable, which means they can be easily made into rolls, sheets, tubes, threads, etc. This property is especially important for complex parts and is ideal for precision surgical instruments.

Both platinum and palladium are highly resistant to corrosion and inert, so they do not cause problems when in contact with the human body or internal organs.

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