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Molybdenum Scrap

Revivification of moly scrap refers to a process in which Molybdenum is obtained from waste materials including waste catalysts, Molybdenum compounds, Molybdenum powder, Molybdenum materials and Molybdenum alloys by oxidation roasting and acid and alkali treatment. Contact us and get the molybdenum scrap price today!

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Specification of Molybdenum Scrap

Molybdenum milling chip

Mo: 100%

Molybdenum sawing chip


Molybdenum slag

Mo: 25%

Application of Molybdenum Scrap

  1. The recovered molybdenum products can be used to produce industrial molybdenum oxide, ferric molybdenum, ammonium molybdate and other molybdate salts

  2. Using molybdenum waste to produce sodium molybdate not only solves the problem of shortage of resources, but also turns harm into profit, turns waste into treasure, and solves the problem of molybdenum slag stacking, which has good economic and environmental benefits

  3. The production of molybdenum products leftovers, waste, cutting materials through the rising China into molybdenum trioxide, sodium hydroxide into sodium molybdate solution. After purification concentration into sodium molybdate products.

Application of Molybdenum Scrap
Production Process of Molybdenum Scrap

Production Process of Molybdenum Scrap

At present, molybdenum smelting process is mainly composed of molybdenum concentrate boiled by oxygen pressure in autoclave, molybdenum leaching in ammonia water, ammonium molybdate, molybdenum powder produced by primary and secondary reduction, and molybdenum powder processed into various molybdenum products. The main sources of molybdenum waste are filter cake residue produced by ammonia leaching process, waste liquid after extraction and back extraction of mother liquor produced by acid precipitation process, and residual materials and cutting materials produced by molybdenum powder processing various molybdenum products.There are many kinds of molybdenum-containing waste and different regeneration methods. The common regeneration methods of molybdenum include sublimation method, zinc melting method and alkali leaching method, etc. The recovery rate of molybdenum is 96-98%.

Features of Molybdenum Scrap

Features of Molybdenum Scrap

  • 01.

    Sodium molybdate products are used in the manufacture of alkaloids as well as reagents, dyes, molybdenum red pigments, molybdenum salts and light-fast color precipitants, and are also raw materials for the manufacture of flame retardants. Crystalline sodium molybdate can also be widely used as a corrosion inhibitor in recycling Cooling systems, metalworking fluids.

  • 02.

    The use of molybdenum waste to produce sodium molybdate solves the problem of waste residue stacking in the production process of ammonium molybdate, and finds a feasible way for the reproduction of waste residues and cutting materials produced in the production of molybdenum products, and at the same time can produce considerable economic benefits.

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