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Refractory Metal in Automotive

Automobile turbocharger, engine exhaust pipe, internal combustion engine valve seat, set piece, inlet valve, sealing spring, spark plugs, bolts, and heat generator unit parts need high-temperature mechanical properties, so this part is also an important field of application of high-temperature alloy material with auto turbocharger is the main vehicle high-temperature alloy applications.

Application of high-temperature alloy material in vehicle

Before the car's bodywork steel plate, use is easy to form soft steel. In order to adapt to the requirements of lightweight, and later developed high tensile steel. This kind of steel plate has good formability, and high strength, the advantages of thin plate. The high tensile steel plate was added on the basis of the original steel plate reinforced type solution strengthening elements and precipitation strengthening type elements such as silicon, manganese, niobium, titanium, etc., and in the annealing furnace continuous annealing the. It has characteristics of low yield point and compound composition.

Refractory Metal in CNC Mills

Advantage of tungsten steel carbide

Tungsten steel Carbide has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, toughness and corrosion resistance. It also has stronger heat resistance than HSS, so it can maintain hardness even at high temperature. Tungsten steel is mainly composed of tungsten carbide and cobalt, accounting for 99% of all components. Tungsten steel is also called cemented carbide and is considered to be the teeth of modern industry.

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