Beijing Huasheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
HSG, A Leading Supplier of Refractory Metals

HSG, A Leading Supplier of Refractory Metals

Specialized in Ferro Alloy, HSG is a leading supplier in the foundry and steel manufacturing.
HSG: Refractory Metal Company

Company Profile

Huasheng Metal was incorporated in 2003 with a mission to provide a competitive source for high purity metals, mainly focus on the types of ferro alloys, Minor Metals, Sintered Steelmaking Metal Bars, Metal Scrap, Metal Ingot, and Tungsten products, Molybdenum products, Tantalum products, Niobium products, Ruthenium & Hafnium etc., which has over 6 series including more than 40 kinds of products currently.

Our Team

Our President Mr. Cui has worked in metal fields over 30 years, team members are followed over 10 years above with lot of experience for metal materials, Our comapny is all about providing industries with the highest quality refractory metal products, because our goal is to have satisfied customers with the best quality and extremally affordable price.

Our History

Refractory Metal Company

Set up Beijing Huasheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

Refractory Metal Factory

Set up Beijing Renyuan Changyi Metal Co., Ltd.

Huasheng Refractory Metal Company

Set up Beijing Huasheng Jingrui International Trade Co,.Ltd.

Huasheng Refractory Metal Supplier

Set up Huashenggui International Trade Limited.

Refractory Metal Supplier

Set up Senyingte International Trade Co., Limited.

Core Competence


Because we have cooperation with major mines, we also have shares in them, so we have first-hand supply, which is lower than the average level of domestic counterparts, so we can provide more competitive prices.


Our products will be strictly tested before leaving the factory to do ISO quality certification. From time to time, our refractory metal company will ask the third party inspection agency SGS to ensure that the products with problems will not be sent to customers.


We have established in-depth cooperation with many well-known shipping companies around the world, and can obtain the latest shipping information to ensure that the goods are delivered on time and delivered to customers in a timely manner.

Custom Services

Cobalt Sheet Metal Supplier

Our production line is equipped with complete production and detection facilities, fine technique and high-level capacity. Our products reached ASTM standard and are favored by users, can provide normal thicknesses products that can be cut to size or rolled to customer-specified thickness, length, surface finish, and other material properties. As with all of our materials, our wire,sheet,tube,rod begins as metal powder, pressed into ingots, sintered, and then rolled. The process enables us to tailor the product to meet specific customer material and performance requirements to ensure optimal performance in your application.

Honor Certificates

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