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Tantalum Products

Tantalum Products

Tantalum metal (Ta) is a slightly blue light gray metal, due to many exotic properties, has a wide range of applications, therefore, known as the "metal kingdom" of generalists. HSG provides various tantalum products including tantalum powder, tantalum wire, tantalum rod, tantalum sheet metal, and tantalum tube at affordable prices.


Different Kinds of Tantalum Products From HSG

How is Tantalum Products Produced and Manufactured?

How is Tantalum Products Produced and Manufactured?

The process of reducing pure tantalum compounds to metallic tantalum with a reducing agent. The raw materials of pure tantalum compounds used are tantalum pentoxide, tantalum pentachloride, tantalum pentafluoride and fluoride salts (such as K2TaF7). Reductants include sodium, magnesium and other active metals, carbon and hydrogen. The melting point of tantalum is as high as 3669K, so it is powdered or cavernosum metal after reduction. The dense metal can only be obtained by further smelting or refining.

How is Tantalum Products Produced and Manufactured?

Benefits of Tantalum Products


Tantalum is one of the most chemically stable metals at temperatures below 150 ° C. Only fluorine, hydrofluoric acid, acidic solutions containing fluoride ions and sulfur trioxide can react with tantalum.


Tantalum is very hard, with a hardness of 6-6.5. Its melting point is as high as 2996℃, third only to tungsten and rhenium.


Tantalum is malleable and can be drawn into filaments or made into thin foil.


Its coefficient of thermal expansion is small, at 6.6 parts per million per degree Celsius


In addition, it is very strong, even better than copper.

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