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In today's tungsten industry, an important symbol to measure the technology, scale and comprehensive competitiveness of a tungsten enterprise is whether the enterprise can environmentally friendly recovery and utilization of secondary tungsten resources. In addition, compared with tungsten concentrate, the tungsten content of waste tungsten is high and the recovery is easy, so the products made from tungsten recycling have become the focus of the tungsten industry.

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Specification of Tungsten Scrap

Level 1

w (w) > 95%, no other inclusions.

Level 2

90% (w (w) < 95%, no other inclusions.

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What is Tungsten Scrap?

Tungsten scrap refers to discarded or unused tungsten-based materials that are no longer needed for their original purpose. Tungsten is a dense, hard metal with a high melting point, making it valuable in various industrial applications. Tungsten scrap can come from sources such as used tools, machinery parts, electronic components, or manufacturing leftovers. Despite being considered waste, tungsten scrap retains its valuable properties and can be recycled and reused in new products, reducing the need for virgin tungsten extraction and promoting sustainability in resource management.

Tungsten Recycle Value

The recycle value of tungsten refers to the monetary worth or economic value obtained from recycling tungsten scrap. Tungsten recycling is significant due to the high cost and energy-intensive nature of tungsten extraction from its ores. The recycle value of tungsten scrap can vary depending on factors such as the purity of the material, market demand, and prevailing metal prices. However, recycling tungsten scrap typically offers cost savings and environmental benefits compared to sourcing fresh tungsten from mining operations. Additionally, by recycling tungsten scrap, industries can contribute to a more sustainable and resource-efficient economy.

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Application of Tungsten Scrap

Recycling secondary tungsten resources in our country face also is relatively narrow, mainly concentrated in tungsten carbide and chemical catalyst recycling field are mainly concentrated in the field of alloy and sodium tungstate, and some recycling method and cause serious secondary pollution of the environment, so China should from the perspective of environmental protection and efficient use of resources, emphasis on tungsten resources recycling, Strengthen the research of low cost, high quality, high grade and high purity tungsten recovery technology, improve the comprehensive recovery of tungsten and valuable metal elements, change the resource advantage into technical advantage.

Application of Tungsten Scrap
Production Process of Tungsten Scrap

Production Process of Tungsten Scrap

The technologies of tungsten refractory metal products resources recovery and utilization are also increasing, and the common ones are mechanical crushing, saltpeter, zinc melting, electrolysis, leaching, reduction, roasting-ammonia leaching, etc.

Tungsten Scrap Value

Tungsten Scrap Value

  • 01.

    Tungsten recycle value: Tungsten waste recycling utilization, it is well known that tungsten is a kind of rare metals, rare metals are important strategic resources, and tungsten has very important application.

  • 02.

    It is an important part of contemporary high-tech new materials, a series of electronic optical materials, special alloys, new functional materials and organic metal compounds, etc. All needs to use the unique properties of tungsten. Naturally, tungsten waste this kind of secondary resources, its recycling has a very high economic value. 

  • 03.

    Tungsten waste mainly include two categories: one kind is the tungsten and tungsten alloy material processing scrap, such as sintering material rod end (head), tungsten carbide workshop ground of garbage, grinding carbide slag and metal oxide coating and cutting pieces, etc. Another kind is wear, wear out or abandoned containing tungsten materials, such as waste tungsten carbide cutting tools and spent catalyst.

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