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Refractory Metal in Semiconductors

Refractory Metal in Semiconductors

Gallium is a kind of scattered metal with a low melting point and high boiling point. The refractory metal products have a reputation of the "backbone of the electronic industry".

More detail information on Gallium

Gallium compounds are high-quality semiconductor materials, widely used in the optoelectronics industry and microwave communication industry, used in the manufacture of microwave communication and microwave integration, infrared optics and infrared detectors, integrated circuits, light-emitting diodes, etc. For example, the red and green lights we see on computers are produced by metal minor gallium phosphide diodes. At present, the consumption of gallium in the semiconductor industry accounts for 80% - 85% of the total consumption.

Difference between this type of semiconductor and a crystalline semiconductor

In addition, there are amorphous and liquid semiconductor materials, the biggest difference between this type of semiconductor and crystalline semiconductor is that they do not have a strictly periodic arrangement of the crystal structure. Fabrication of different semiconductor devices has different morphological requirements for semiconductor materials, including single crystal slicing, grinding, polishing, film, etc.

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