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Nickel Niobium Alloy

NiNb Nickle Niobium master alloy NiNb60 NiNb65 NiNb75 alloy

Used for addition of nickel-based superalloys, special alloys, special steels, and other casting alloying elements

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Nickel Niobium Alloy Specification

Nickel Niobium Master Alloy
TiNO     PbAsBISn



Nickel Niobium Alloy Uses

1. Mainly used as a nodularizer for the manufacture of ductile cast iron.

2. The Magnesium in Ni-Nb can be added into molten steel more efficiently and safely so as to keep the output and the special property of the cast iron.

3. The Nb can be melted in nickel metal highly without any segregation, and the slow reaction performance of the Nb in the molten steel makes itself an efficient, economical and safe additive in base inro. Compared with other additives without Nb, it has a better recovery and can ensure that production is stable.

4. The Nickel in Ni-Nb alloys works as graphitizator and perlite stabilizer, so the tensile strength and mechanical properties of the material can be improved. Also with the application of the Ni-Nb, the variance of the light and heavy casting piece is reduced in the production. Moreover, it has an excellent effect on austenite and bainite ductile cast iron.

Nickel Niobium Alloy Uses
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