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Molybdenum Products

Molybdenum Products

Molybdenum is a metal element of the VIB group, Mo, atomic number 42. The density of molybdenum is 10.2g/cm³, the melting point is 2610℃, the boiling point is 5560℃. Molybdenum is a kind of silver-white metal, hard and tough, high melting point, heat conductivity is also relatively high, at room temperature and air oxidation reaction. As a transition element, it is easy to change its oxidation state, and the color of molybdenum ion will also change with the change of oxidation state. Molybdenum is an essential trace element for human body and animals and plants. It plays an important role in the growth, development and heredity of humans and animals and plants. HSG provides molybdenum products including molybdenum powder, molybdenum wire and molybdenum bar for sale. Contact us now!


Different Kinds of Molybdenum Products From HSG

How is Molybdenum Products Produced and Manufactured?

How is Molybdenum Products Produced and Manufactured?

Molybdenum is produced by reducing pure molybdenum trioxide or ammonium molybdate in hydrogen gas.The chemical reduction of pure molybdenum trioxide or ammonium diamolybdate to metal requires two stages because the direct conversion to metal releases heat, which inhibits the process. The first stage of reduction to MoO2 is carried out in the range of 450-650℃. In the second stage of reduction reaction, molybdenum dioxide is reduced to molybdenum metal in the temperature range of 1000-1100℃. Historically, both stages were accomplished by pushing a small boat containing the powder of the reaction material into an atmosphere of flowing hydrogen gas in a tubular furnace. Rotary furnaces are becoming increasingly common in first-stage reduction operations, in which powder is continuously fed through rotating inclined tubes in a flowing hydrogen atmosphere, thereby increasing production efficiency.

How is Molybdenum Products Produced and Manufactured?

Benefits of Molybdenum Products


The melting point of molybdenum is 2620℃. Because of the strong interatomic bonding force, the strength is very high at room temperature and high temperature.


It has small expansion coefficient, large electrical conductivity and good thermal conductivity.


It does not react with hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and alkali solutions at room temperature, and is only dissolved in nitric acid, aqua regia or concentrated sulfuric acid. It is also quite stable to most liquid metal, non-metallic slag and molten glass.

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