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Refractory Metal in Civil Aerospace

Refractory Metal in Civil Aerospace

Aerospace commonly used metal materials are mostly alloy, alloy is a metal element as the base, adding more than one kind of metal elements or non-metallic elements (depending on the performance requirements), smelting, processing materials.

Selection of metallic materials for aerospace

For example, carbon steel, low alloy steel and alloy steel, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, molybdenum products alloy and so on. Pure metals are rarely used directly, so metallic materials are mostly in the form of alloys such as molybdenum aircraft parts.

The importance of aeronautical metal materials

Aeronautical materials are the material guarantee for the development and production of aeronautical products, and also the technical basis for the aeronautical products to achieve the desired performance, service life and reliability. Due to the basic status of aviation materials and the continuous improvement of their contribution to aviation products, aviation materials, aero-engine and information technology have become one of the three key aviation technologies, as well as one of the six technologies that have an important impact on the development of aviation products.

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