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Ferro Vanadium Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of ferro vanadium typically ranges from 35% to 85% vanadium, with the remaining composition comprising iron and small amounts of other elements such as carbon, silicon, aluminum, and manganese. The specific composition will depend on the grade of ferro vanadium, which is determined by the amount of vanadium present. For example, a higher grade of ferro vanadium will contain a higher percentage of vanadium, while a lower grade will contain a lower percentage. The chemical composition of ferro vanadium is carefully controlled during the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and performance. Overall, ferro vanadium is an important alloying material that offers exceptional strength, hardness, and wear resistance, making it a critical component in a wide range of industrial applications, from aerospace and defense to construction and infrastructure. If you want to know ferro vanadium price today, contact us now!

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